Cakes with Flowers: A Perfect Fusion of Taste and Beauty!

Indulge in the ultimate combination of sweetness and elegance by adding cakes to your floral gifts.

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Black Tulip Flowers presents a delightful assortment of cakes that perfectly complement their stunning flower arrangements, creating a truly memorable and personalized gift. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, the addition of a cake will make your gesture even more delightful.

Delicious Chocolates with Flowers!

Black Tulip Flowers is known for its bespoke floral arrangements characterized by elegance and sophistication. We also offer chocolates with flowers – a unique combination of luxury gifts perfect for any occasion. To suit every discerning palate, our delectable chocolates come in a variety of flavours, including dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate ganache. What sets these chocolates apart is the exquisite presentation that features handcrafted flower decorations carefully made by Black Tulip’s skilled florists. The result is an indulgent treat that tastes heavenly and appeals to the senses visually and aromatically. Whether it’s a romantic gesture or a celebration with friends and family, giving chocolates with flowers from Black Tulip Flowers is sure to impress anyone who receives them.

  • Patchi Chocolates and Flowers: A Symphony of Luxury!

Experience the epitome of luxury with the fusion of Patchi chocolates and exquisite blooms from Black Tulip Flowers. ,Patchi chocolates bring a touch of luxury and decadence to your floral gifts and are known for their outstanding craftsmanship and premium ingredients. Delight your loved ones with this harmonious combination of rich flavours and captivating beauty.

  • Godiva Chocolates and Flowers: Indulge in Pure Decadence

Create an unforgettable experience by pairing Godiva chocolates with the enchanting beauty of flowers. Renowned for their exceptional quality and luxurious taste, Godiva chocolates perfectly complement the elegance and sophistication of Black Tulip Flowers’ floral arrangements. Indulge your loved ones in a moment of pure bliss with this divine combination.

  • Ferrero Rocher and Flowers: Classic Delights in Perfect Harmony

Add Ferrero Rocher chocolates to your floral gifts for a timeless and irresistible combination. The delicate hazelnut centre and crisp wafer shell of Ferrero Rocher chocolates harmonize flawlessly with fresh flowers’ exquisite beauty and fragrance. Embrace the classic charm and delight your special someone with this delightful pairing.

  • Add Cacao Chocolate with Flowers: Artisanal Flavours and Natural Beauty

Black Tulip Flowers offers the option to enhance your floral gifts with Cacao chocolates crafted with passion and artistry. These artisanal chocolates, made with the finest ingredients, add a touch of sophistication and unique flavours to your arrangement. Experience the perfect blend of artisanal flavours and natural beauty with this exquisite pairing.

  • Bonbon Chocolates with Flowers: Sweet Delights to Impress

Bring a sense of sweetness and charm to your floral gifts with Bonbon chocolates. Bonbon chocolates perfectly complement the beauty and sentiment of Black Tulip Flowers’ arrangements and are known for their delectable flavours and elegant presentation. Delight your loved ones with this enchanting combination that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Macaroons Delivery with Flowers: Delicate Treats for Special Moments!

Add an element of delicacy and colour to your floral gifts by including a delightful selection of macaroons. Black Tulip Flowers provides macaroon delivery alongside their exquisite flower arrangements, creating a sweet surprise for your loved ones. With their delicate meringue shells and luscious fillings, these soft treats add an extra touch of elegance and sweetness to any occasion.

Balloons and Flowers: Elevate the Celebration!

Celebrate joyous moments and create a festive atmosphere by combining balloons with stunning flower arrangements from Black Tulip Flowers. Balloons bring a playful and celebratory touch to any occasion, whether a birthday, anniversary or graduation. Elevate the celebration and surprise your loved ones with this joyful combination of balloons and flowers.

Elevate Your Floral Gifts with Black Tulip Flowers Add-Ons!

Black Tulip Flowers understands the importance of personalization and offers a range of exquisite add-ons to enhance your floral gifts. Whether you choose to include cakes, chocolates, macaroons, or balloons with your preferred floral arrangement, each add-on is thoughtfully selected to enhance the beauty and meaning of your gift. Trust Black Tulip Flowers to deliver stunning flowers and delightful add-ons to make your gesture memorable.