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Top 10 Unique Islamic New Year Gifts 2024 – Find Perfect Hijri Presents in Oman

It’s almost time for the Islamic New Year! As we get ready for this special day, it’s important to think about how to celebrate and show appreciation for our loved ones. The Islamic New Year, also known as the Hijri New Year, marks the beginning of a new lunar year and will be on July 7th this year. It’s a time for spending quality time with family and friends and exchanging gifts. Choosing the right gift for loved ones can be challenging, but we’ve gathered some unique and thoughtful ideas to celebrate this occasion in Oman. Whether it’s a meaningful Quran, attar, scented candles, or mugs, we’ve compiled a list of gift ideas for the Islamic New Year that will suit every budget and taste. These gifts will surely bring joy and inspiration to your Muslim friends and colleagues. Let’s explore the gift suggestions for celebrating the new year in Oman.

Islamic New Year Gift Traditions

The Islamic New Year is a significant occasion in the Islamic calendar, marked by the beginning of the first month, Muharram. Unlike the Gregorian calendar, it follows the lunar system and starts with the migration of the Prophet Muhammad. This journey in 622 AD initiated the Islamic era. It unified the people into one system under the calendar undertaken by Umar bin Al Khattab. With 354 days, the New Year falls on a different day every year and is a sacred time for Muslims worldwide. It sheds light on important religious and historical events throughout the Islamic era.   

Thoughtful Gifts Appropriate for the Islamic New Year

Giving gifts is encouraged in Islamic communities and Arabic countries like Oman as it is considered a sacred practice. There are many stories about how the Prophet gave gifts. Perfume, livestock, and clothing as gifts, but the most common gift he gave was food. This is why giving food has become a strong tradition among people in the Islamic faith. Here are some ideas for the Islamic New Year gift shopping to help you choose the perfect gift and surprise your loved ones this year.

1. Fruit Baskets

As Oman celebrates the Islamic New Year, consider giving a fruit basket as a traditional gift. It’s a thoughtful choice that’s delicious and symbolizes abundance and prosperity, in line with the spirit of the new year season. You can customize the fruit basket to Omani tastes by including local favourites like dates, pomegranates, and mangoes, or opt for international fruits to add a touch of the exotic.

Why Choose a Fruit Basket?

• Variety & Customization: Create a customized gift basket for any taste and budget. Choose from traditional favorites, unique and international treats, gourmet selections, a variety of fruits from around the world, or organic produce to support local farmers.

• Health & Happiness: Fruit is a tasty and healthy snack, perfect for mindful eaters and those with dietary restrictions. It’s a gift that keeps giving, enjoyed over several days, and incorporated into nutritious meals.

• Meaningful & Affordable: Show your care and appreciation with a thoughtful and affordable gift. A fruit basket can brighten someone’s day, bringing joy without overspending.

To personalize your fruit basket gift for your loved ones in Oman, consider enhancing it with a vibrant ribbon or a handwritten Arabic note. You can also include culturally significant fruits like figs or apricots.     

2. Scented Candles

Candles offer a serene ambiance for the significant Islamic New Year. Consider scented candles to honor the occasion and create a tranquil setting at home or in the office. Opt for candles with natural ingredients and essential oils. When gifting a scented candle for the Islamic New Year, select a scent that captures the essence of the holiday. To create a peaceful atmosphere, choose from comforting aromas like rose, roasted caramel and almond, Persian Chai, and Moroccan Souk.

3. Flowers & Bouquets

Flowers are a timeless way to show emotions and a thoughtful gift make for friends and loved ones on this islamic new year Their colors, scents, and shapes bring joy to any occasion and symbolize different feelings. For the Islamic New Year, roses represent love and appreciation, while lilies symbolize purity and peace. You can use flowers as decorations or gifts, choosing from natural or artificial arrangements. Using vibrant flowers can express your happiness for the occasion and appreciation for your loved ones. It’s best to include locally grown flowers like lilies, carnations, or chrysanthemums to add a touch of Omani charm.
To enhance the cultural experience, consider pairing your flowers with dates or traditional Omani sweets like halwa. Also, adding a handwritten note in Arabic with warm wishes for a blessed Hijri can make the gesture more personal. 

4. Quran /Islamic Books        

Looking for thoughtful gifts for the Islamic New Year? Consider giving books. They are affordable and can provide knowledge and inspiration. You can explore a variety of literature, including collections of stories from the Quran and Islamic figures, as well as books on ethical conduct, spiritual enlightenment, and in-depth analyses of the Quranic teachings. The Quran holds deep significance as a symbol of faith and love, serving as a reminder of the blessings and teachings of Allah. When presenting the Quran as a gift, you have a variety of options to choose from, such as a Quran in a velvet box, a mini velvet Quran, or a large-size Tajweed Quran.

5. Shopping Cards

Consider shopping cards as an excellent option for an Islamic New Year gift. Shopping cards are easy and convenient, eliminating worrying about the recipient’s preferences and tastes. Here’s why shopping cards are the best choice for New Year gifts:

Freedom of Choice: The recipient can choose something they want or need, ensuring they receive something they’ll use and appreciate.

Convenience: You can find the perfect gift, especially if you need clarification on their tastes.

Modern and Practical: Shopping cards suit our modern lifestyle and can be a thoughtful gift for many people. They are available in different denominations, so you can choose one that fits your budget while being generous with your gift.

Whether you send them nearby or far away, a unique Islamic New Year gift shopping card will bring smiles to your loved ones.

6. Dates Gift Boxes  

It’s that time of year again – the Islamic New Year is just around the corner! Offering a date gift box as an Islamic New Year present is a meaningful gesture deeply rooted in Muslim culture. Dates have been cherished in our tradition for centuries, symbolizing love, friendship, and health. They hold significant symbolism in the Quran and are part of the Sunnah, reflecting the practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) favored dates, and they have been a traditional food during Islamic holidays and celebrations.

Here’s why presenting a date gift box is a beautiful idea:

o Symbolic and Meaningful: Dates have a special place in Islamic tradition, making them a thoughtful and symbolic gift.

o Delicious and Healthy: Everyone appreciates the delightful and nutritious nature of dates.

o Variety and Presentation: Date gift boxes can offer a variety of dates, such as fresh Medjool dates and stuffed dates with nuts and fruits. Additionally, beautifully decorated boxes add a special touch to the gift, making it even more meaningful for the recipient

7. Perfumes / Oud./ Attar 

Consider giving a high-quality perfume or a bottle of Oud, the traditional Arabian fragrance from the Agarwood tree. Perfumes offer delightful scents that bring joy to celebrations. They are thoughtful tokens that leave a lasting impression with their lovely aroma and elegant packaging. With various fragrances available, there’s a perfect perfume for everyone

8. Decorative Items

Brighten the Islamic New Year with unique decorations! Lanterns, plaques, and other decorative items add a personal touch. Choose a style that suits them, such as inspirational lanterns or traditional Islamic wall art. The options are numerous!   

9. Prayer Accessories

Don’t forget this: Items such as prayer mats, prayer beads (misbaha), and decorative prayer rugs can make thoughtful and useful gifts for individuals who observe regular prayer practices. 

10. Charity Donations

Consider supporting a cause or charity in honor of your gift recipient. It’s a meaningful way to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

11. Personalized Gifts    

When selecting a gift, consider personalized items such as engraved Quranic verses, custom-made Islamic calendars featuring meaningful dates, or Islamic-themed jewelry with specially crafted messages. These personal touches can make your gift more meaningful and memorable for the recipient.” 

Gifts for Islamic New Year: FAQs

What are some traditional Islamic New Year gift ideas in Oman?

Dates, charity donations, and high-quality frankincense are some of the best Islamic New Year gift ideas in Oman.

Q: Where can I find unique Islamic New Year gifts in Oman?

You can find Omani handicrafts, Islamic art, and other unique gift items at traditional markets called souqs. Look for specialty shops that focus on Islamic gifts, calligraphy, or cultural items. Additionally, there are Omani and international online retailers that offer Islamic New Year gift options like flowers and chocolates.

Q: What are some thoughtful Islamic New Year gift basket ideas?

• For a delightful gourmet experience, create a basket with a mix of high-quality dates, nuts, and dried fruits
• Put together items for Islamic self-care, such as prayer beads, prayer rugs, Qurans, and Islamic books focused on self-improvement.

• Combine Omani coffee, dates, frankincense, and traditional Omani sweets for a taste of Omani delights.

Q: How can I choose the perfect Islamic New Year gift?

When choosing a gift, consider the recipient’s interests and personality. If the person is religious, they may appreciate Islamic-themed gifts. If you’re unsure, practical gifts like dates, gift baskets, or shopping cards are always appreciated.  

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