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Flower Etiquette: Dos and Don’ts of Giving Flowers

Flower Etiquette in Oman: A Guide to Gifting Flowers.

During special occasions, it’s essential to express goodwill and appreciation for loved ones through thoughtful gestures. Flowers offer a timeless way to convey emotions and sentiments when words aren’t enough. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a simple token of gratitude, giving flowers is a tradition that brings joy and delight to both the giver and the recipient. However, like any gift, there are certain etiquettes to keep in mind to ensure your floral offerings are received with the utmost delight and appreciation.
In this article, Blacktulip Flowers Oman will delve into the dos and don’ts of giving flowers as gifts. People have always exchanged flowers as a medium to convey various emotions like joy, blessings, or even grief and will likely continue to do so. While this tradition is a regular practice almost everywhere in the world, many regional customs and unwritten rules are associated with the etiquette for flower gift-giving. Still, everyone’s interpretation of these is different. Here’s a brief guide to flower-giving customers and etiquette to avoid awkward moments.

Etiquette for Flower Giving Around the World

• In Latin America, most countries only use purple flowers for funerals. Many Latin American societies are pretty superstitious.
• In Mexico, the number 13 is considered unlucky, as is the color purple, reserved for funerals. Red and yellow flowers are linked to black magic, so it’s best to avoid them. A white flower arrangement as a gift is perfect for a dinner party.
• In Japan, lilies, lotus flowers, and camellias symbolize funerals. It’s best to avoid these and all types of white flowers unless attending a funeral. Japanese also believe that houseplants in pots attract illnesses. Giving four or nine of anything is bad luck—another superstition in Japan.
• In Germany, white flowers are typically used for funerals. It is customary to avoid giving flowers in even numbers, and the number 13 is also considered unlucky.
• When giving flowers in China, it is important to avoid the number four , as it is associated with death. A flower arrangement of just four flowers is seen as tragic. Cut flowers are commonly used for funerals.

• In Indian culture, brightly colored flowers are appropriate for most occasions, but frangipani is considered a funeral flower. It’s acceptable to bring flowers when paying a first visit, but not to a business meeting.
• In Singapore, a modest flower arrangement is usually appreciated. The number three is considered lucky, while number six is not. Modest gestures are valued over lavish personal gifts.
• In Russia, birthday presents consist of unwrapped bouquets or a single flower. Carnations, lilies, or roses are also given in a circular arrangement to show sympathy or grief.
• In Argentina, bringing flowers as gifts is uncommon, but it’s considered rude to attend a dinner invitation empty-handed. Bringing a bunch of flowers is a good idea to avoid drawing attention.
• Egypt has no tradition of exchanging or giving flowers as gifts. It is considered inappropriate to bring flowers as a gift.

The Significance of Gifting Flowers

When you send flowers to someone, it’s important to consider the occasion and your relationship with the recipient. Whether you’re expressing romantic feelings, celebrating a birthday, offering good wishes, or honoring someone who has passed away, each situation has its own etiquette. It’s essential to follow the recommended do’s and don’ts to ensure that your gesture is well-received. Consider the location, the nature of your relationship, and the specific occasion when selecting the appropriate flowers. Here are some tips to help you navigate proper flower-giving etiquette for various occasions.

The Dos of Giving Flowers

1. Consider the Recipient’s Preferences

When choosing flowers, always consider the recipient’s preferences. If you know their favorite flowers or colors, it shows that you’ve put thought into the gift. If you’re unsure, opt for classic choices like a mixed bouquet or elegant arrangements that suit various tastes.

2. Select Fresh and High-Quality Flowers

The freshness and quality of the flowers are crucial. Choose vibrant blooms, free from wilting, and have a pleasant fragrance. A reputable flower shop in Oman can ensure you get the best flowers that will last longer and make a lasting impression. You can rely on Black Tulip Flowers for beautiful, fragrant seasonal flowers that leave a lasting impression. Seasonal flowers are readily available, and their timely beauty makes a striking impact. For instance, a peony arrangement featuring seasonal peony blooms can be a delightful choice during spring. Opt for light-coloured flowers like tulips, lilies, and orchids to create elegant and sophisticated flower decorations.  

3. Know the Flower Symbolism and Meanings

Understanding the meanings and symbolism of different flowers is important for creating a thoughtful and meaningful bouquet. This knowledge enables you to communicate the intended message and curate a memorable experience for the recipient.


Common flower meanings and symbolism

1. Roses: Love, passion, and romance
2. Tulips: Perfect love, happiness, and forgiveness
3. Lilies: Purity, rebirth, and motherhood
4. Orchids: Beauty, strength, and love
5. Sunflowers: Adoration, loyalty, and happiness


4. Consider the Occasion

When selecting flowers, it’s crucial to match them with the occasion to convey the significance of your gift. Go for red roses or other blooms that exude romance for romantic occasions. Choose vibrant and colorful arrangements to add to the joyous atmosphere when celebrating. When expressing sympathy, choose calming and soothing flowers like lilies or white roses. 

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5. Beware of cultural and Religious Norms

Remember to consider the recipient’s cultural and religious norms. For example, in some cultures, white flowers are associated with funerals, so it’s best to avoid giving them as a congratulatory gift. When sending flowers as a romantic gesture, it’s best to deliver them to a private location, such as your loved one’s home. Consider the parents’ views on gender norms when sending flowers for a new baby. If you want to be sure not to offend, send something in a gender-neutral green, yellow, or orange palette. When sending flowers to a coworker, avoid giving the wrong impression. It’s likely best to send a fruit basket or a less flashy plant than a flower bouquet to ensure everything is clear.

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6. Personalize it with a Message

When you send flowers, include a personal message to express your feelings and make the gesture more meaningful. You can also consider adding other gift options, such as chocolates or a favorite book, to complement the flowers and show that you genuinely care. 

The Don’ts of Flower Gift Etiquette

1. Don’t Choose Inappropriate Flowers

Flowers, much like language, communicate in their unique way. Their type, color, and arrangement can symbolize different sentiments, making them suitable for various occasions. It’s important to avoid giving flowers that may carry negative connotations or inappropriate meanings. For example, yellow carnations can symbolize rejection, and red and white flowers together can symbolize war and conflict. It’s best to steer clear of flowers that could be misunderstood or cause discomfort.

2. Avoid artificial flowers for Special Occasions

When you give flowers, consider the occasion, the person’s cultural background, and their preferences. Artificial flowers look friendly and last long, but they’re best for decoration, not important events. For special occasions, fresh flowers are better because they’re more meaningful and authentic and smell good.

3. Don’t forget Flower flower delivery.

When considering gifting flowers, timing is crucial for maximizing the joy and appreciation derived from your thoughtful gesture. It’s not just about punctuality; it’s about ensuring the flowers arrive on or before the event. Whether for birthdays, anniversaries, or any other personal celebrations, having the flowers delivered early in the day serves as a delightful surprise, allowing the recipient to enjoy their beauty throughout the day. A reliable flower delivery service ensures that your bouquet arrives fresh and beautifully arranged at the recipient’s doorstep.

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4. Don’t Ignore the wrapping and presentation.

Remember to wrap the flowers nicely in pretty paper and add a ribbon to make them look great. A well-packaged bouquet makes the gift more special. When sending flowers to an office, consider their policies about personal deliveries. Large arrangements might look impressive, but they could be too big for a small office. To make sure your flowers look great and last long, it’s best to use a good florist who can help you choose the perfect arrangement and provide expert flower-presenting tips on caring for the flowers, just like Blacktulip.

5. Never send flowers as an Insensitive Gesture

Consider specific customs when giving flowers, such as the occasion, the recipient, and the location. Be mindful of sensitive situations, like serious illnesses or personal losses. In these cases, it’s better to offer support and condolences in other ways instead of sending flowers. Also, consider any allergies or sensitivities the recipient may have and avoid sending flowers that could cause an allergic reaction. Additionally, remember that an overly fragrant bouquet in a small office space could be disruptive or bothersome for some people.

6: Don’t Wait for the Last-Minute

When gifting flowers, it’s essential to plan, especially for special occasions. Making last-minute decisions could restrict your options, leaving you with less-than-ideal choices. Planning allows you to select and customize the perfect bouquet or arrangement


In conclusion, understanding floral etiquette is essential for sending and receiving flowers thoughtfully and appropriately. By following the flower gifting rule outlined in this blog and seeking the assistance of the best florist in Oman, Black Tulip Flowers, you can ensure that your floral gestures are heartfelt, meaningful, and a source of joy for both the sender and the recipient. So, the next time you buy flowers in Oman or anywhere else, remember these guidelines and let the magic happen 

Alternative Options to Flower Gifting    

• Flower Subscriptions

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving? Consider a flower subscription service that delivers fresh, seasonal blooms to the recipient’s doorstep on a regular basis.

• Edible Arrangements   

Want a unique and delicious alternative to traditional bouquets? Try edible arrangements featuring fruit, chocolate, or other treats shaped like flowers.

• Plants as Gifts

Looking for a lasting and environmentally friendly alternative to cut flowers? Potted plants, such as orchids or succulents, provide the recipient with a living reminder of your thoughtful gesture.

Proper Flower Gifting Rules FAQS

Q: What are some popular flowers for gifting in Oman?

Ans: In Oman, vibrant and aromatic flowers are highly esteemed. Here are some top choices:
Carnations: Symbolize love, admiration, and gratitude.
Lilies: represent purity, innocence, and profound respect. Choose white or pastel colors.
Arabic Jasmine: Signifies hospitality and fresh starts, accompanied by a delightful fragrance.
Frangipani (Plumeria): Symbolizes peace, serenity, and new beginnings.

Q: Are there any specific flower-giving customs in Oman?

A: Yes, here are a few things to keep in mind:
Number of Flowers: In Oman, even numbers are considered auspicious.
Presentation: Keep it simple and elegant.
Giving to Women: Giving flowers to women in Oman is perfectly acceptable. However, if you’re unsure about the recipient’s comfort level, a box of chocolates or dates might be a safer option.


Q: What are some flower gifting mistakes to avoid?

Ans: Remember these guidelines according to flower symbolism and cultural significance:
Red Roses: Although beautiful, red roses are strongly associated with romantic love. Opt for other colors for non-romantic occasions.
Chrysanthemums are often used for funerals in Oman, so choose something else for happier occasions.
Strong Scents: Some people might be sensitive to strong perfumes, so consider milder-scented blooms if unsure.

Q: What are some situations where flowers are appropriate gifts in Oman?

Flowers are suitable for many occasions in Oman, including: 

Celebrate weddings and graduations with bright, cheerful blooms. Lilies or white roses symbolize purity and new beginnings for Ramadan and Eid. A small bouquet is a thoughtful way to thank a host or colleague. White lilies or carnations express sympathy for loss when offering condolences.    

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