Phalaenopsis Purple Plant

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Phalaenopsis single stem plant SIZE: H60cm/H70cm

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Phalaenopsis Purple Plant

Orchids of the genus Phalaenopsis rank high on the global popularity scale. They are readily available in various sizes and colors in supermarkets, garden centers, and florist shops.

The indoor plants are the most well-liked. There are a plethora of Phalaenopsis varieties to choose from, each with its special meaning and elegant appearance. It is a highly regarded flower that is a favorite to keep at home and has stood the test of time when used in bouquets as a focal point.

Orchids are exotic beauties that don’t require a lot of care and can bloom consistently and for a long time with little effort. A stunning selection of tropical-flowering purple orchids. Purple orchids exude a purity of beauty that makes it simpler to appreciate the flower’s form rather than its color.

A lot of people think a perfect orchid is one with a captivating scent. Night-flying moths pollinate many Purple and vibrant-colored orchids in nature, making them fragrant at night.

Depending on availability, components such as pots’ color and design may vary.

Please contact us for inquiries regarding product availability, ordering information, and shipment status before ordering this product.

NOTE: Avoid placing direct sunlight or near heat. Plants will grow toward sunlight and may bend a little when doing so. They are okay in indirect sunlight.

Place your Plant arrangements in an area of your home that is free of drafts from direct sunlight, not beside heaters, air conditioners, windows, or stoves.

Plants will stay longer depending on your room temperature.

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