Chocolate Bonbon (24pcs)

OMR13.200 OMR15.000

Bonbons is a chocolate shell filled with ganache, liquid or chewy caramel, a boozy whole cherry, pistachio cream, raspberry, toffee, and any combination or variation of these.

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Dear Chocolate lovers,

The ultimate objective is to continuously strive to supply high-end premium quality chocolate that will meet consumers’ demands.

Bonz Art Produces the perfect handmade chocolate by using the finest of ingredients provided by the world’s most significant chocolate manufacturers; Cacao Barry and Belgian Callebaut. As for the fillings, they use the freshest ingredients from french & Italian suppliers.

As strive for prevention and only uses the freshest ingredients chocolates are only kept for 6 weeks to ensure the quality of chocolates is maintained giving consumers an explosion of flavor in every bite.

Note: Keep your treasured handmade chocolates in the fridge once received, then they will last for four to six weeks and the taste will be maintained in every bite.